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Scott Stapp Armed Forces Tour Update 10/12/08



October 12 2008

Scott Stapp and the band have gone from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, now on their second part of the Armed Forces Entertainment tour. We have video from the USS Ronald Reagan, with performances of WAWO and Broken along with an interview. You can also look at new photos from DjiboutiCamp BuehringGreece, andItaly, and definitely check out the amazing shots from Kuwait, courtesy of WO Steve Lund of the US Army. Thanks so much, Chief Lund! 

There's also a print interview with the military publication
Stars and Stripes, and don't miss the great updates we've been getting on the PBF message board from Scott's bassist, Zelick! He's been keeping us apprised of their adventures overseas, and you can read his posts here. Also, look at Zel's pics of the trip on Myspace! 

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