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Feb. 22nd, 2009


PBF Update - Scott Stapp's Sources of Inspiration

February 22 2009

It's been a low-key start to the year, but Scott's been taking the time to talk about two major influences on his life: God and the US troops. On January 18, Scott spoke about his ever-changing relationship with God to the congregation of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, FL. The day before, Scott participated in the Rock n' Jock charity event, which raised money to benefit our troops overseas. You can read the article here, and a video interview is coming soon! Finally, there's the documentary of Scott's AFE tour overseas! See some highlights from the tour and hear what Scott has to say about what's to come. 

Nov. 11th, 2008


Scott Stapp AFE Tour Wrap-Up and Boca Raton Charity Event

Home Again

November 10 2008

Scott Stapp has returned home from the 4-week AFE Tour, but the photos and reviews are still rolling in - check out the new photos from the European leg, or read reviews from Naples, Italy and Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. There's also an interview: Five Minutes with Scott Stapp. And don't forget to read the conclusion of Zelick's tour blog!

Back in Florida, this past weekend Scott and Jaclyn participated in the World Champion Event to benefit needy families. You can read about the event here, and view a photo shoot from the weekend. Scott also did an interview with the Sun Sentinal where he talks about his influences, new music, and the AFE Tour. Finally, we also have two reviews from Scott's private show in Delray - from Rag Magazine and Palm Beach Night Life.

Be sure to check out all the photos, interviews and videos at www.passionbreedsfollowers.com

Oct. 12th, 2008


Scott Stapp Armed Forces Tour Update 10/12/08



October 12 2008

Scott Stapp and the band have gone from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, now on their second part of the Armed Forces Entertainment tour. We have video from the USS Ronald Reagan, with performances of WAWO and Broken along with an interview. You can also look at new photos from DjiboutiCamp BuehringGreece, andItaly, and definitely check out the amazing shots from Kuwait, courtesy of WO Steve Lund of the US Army. Thanks so much, Chief Lund! 

There's also a print interview with the military publication
Stars and Stripes, and don't miss the great updates we've been getting on the PBF message board from Scott's bassist, Zelick! He's been keeping us apprised of their adventures overseas, and you can read his posts here. Also, look at Zel's pics of the trip on Myspace! 

Visit www.passionbreedsfollowers.com for all the latest news!

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Scott Stapp Performs "Broken" on board the USS Ronald Reagan

Scott has been updating his fans while on tour  with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for the troops overseas.  


This awesome live performance of Broken from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is the latest installment.

Sep. 28th, 2008


Scott Stapp - Hard Rock for the Soul

September 21 2008

On September 15, PBF was present as Scott Stapp rocked Delray Beach, FL! We're so proud to announce that this private rehearsal was held to prepare for an 18-show overseas tour, where Scott and the band will play for the American troops stationed in the Middle East and elsewhere. Read the Armed Forces Entertainment article and view promotional images. Thank you, Scott, for your support of our brave US troops! We're also thrilled to bring you Part 1 of a brand new, exclusive PBF interview! Scott discusses his new band and music, and the military tour. There are also photos from Delray, and you can read reviews on our message board.

September 27 2008

Scott Stapp's tour for American troops has officially kicked off, as you can see from the photo blogs posted on his MySpace! We've got the photos of Scott and the guys rocking and ...shopping? You can read a review of the performance aboard the USS Ronald Reagan! Also, Scott's bassist, Zelick, has been kind enough to keep the message board posted on their progress - thanks, Zel!

We're also pleased to bring you the second and final part of PBF's exclusive interview with Scott, following his rehearsal show last week in Delray Beach, FL. He talks about his family, what going overseas means to him, and why he cut his hair! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Scott!

Be sure to visit www.passionbreedsfollowers.com for all the latest news and photos!


Aug. 24th, 2008


Scott Stapp News Update

Are You Ready?

August 24 2008

There's a new video blog up on Scott Stapp's MySpace, introducing Scott's new band: Alex Bodnar (guitar), Derek Cintron (drums), and Zelick (bass). We also get to see scenes from rehearsal, and Scott hints about a big surprise in the near future! Check out the beautiful, high-quality version of the video blog that we received!

On his birthday, August 8, Scott Stapp released a beautiful new acoustic arrangement of Broken on his MySpace. You can download the mp3, or watch a video of Scott recording it in the studio! Scott was also recently interviewed for a new VH1 special, and shares some tales from the road - be sure to check out the video! In other news, Scott's management reports that his album is now due the second quarter of 2009.

Be sure to visit www.passionbreedsfollowers.com for all the videos and downloads!

Apr. 16th, 2008


Scott Stapp Covers U2's "Running to Stand Still"



... to Scott Stapp's MySpace page and hear his AMAZING cover of U2's 
"Running to Stand Still"!

And leave him a comment on the song.
Let Scott  know how good it is to hear his voice again! 

Scott Stapp.... is BACK...and better than ever!

Mar. 1st, 2008


Scott Stapp at Fashion Week Gala

Scott Stapp Surfaces!

Scott Stapp, and his lovely wife Jaclyn, attended the Palm Beach Fashion Week Opening Night Gala At Mar-A-Lago on February 29, 2008 in Palm Beach, Florida.

In true Scott Stapp style - looking out for children- the event benefited  Wheels for Kids

Scott looks amazing.  It's good to see him!


Dec. 5th, 2007



Meet Scott Stapp's New Band

Over at Scott Stapp's MySpace, there's a new video blog! Scott Stapp introduces his new band: Alex Bodnar, John Curry, Derek Cintron and Daniel Wills, and each of them share their thoughts on the new record. We also go inside Stapp's studio for a taste of the new music!

Nov. 30th, 2007



New Scott Stapp photos, band info, and more!

Meet the new Scott Stapp band: Alex Bodnar on lead guitar, Daniel Wills on bass, Derek Cintron on drums, and John Curry returns on guitar. Welcome and welcome back! We're excited about the contributions these talented men will bring to Scott's new record. There are also a few new pictures on Scott Stapp's MySpace:
New picture of Scott

More Scott Stapp photosCollapse )

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